Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Models.Paging.PagingSettings Class

Namespace: Nucleus.Abstractions.Models.Paging
Assembly: Nucleus.Abstractions.dll
Class used to submit paging data to functions which support paging.


Nucleus.Abstractions.Models.Paging.PagingSettings Constructor

Nucleus.Abstractions.Models.Paging.PagingSettings ()


CurrentPageIndex Property

Currently selected page number.
The first page is page 1. The value zero has no meaning for this property.

MaxPageControls Property

The maximum number of controls to show in the paging panel.

TotalCount Property

The count of available items in the database.

PageSize Property

Currently selected page size

PageSizes Property

List of available page sizes

TotalPages Property

Returns the number of available pages

Pages Property

Returns a list of pages which are available to be selected.

FirstRowIndex Property

Return the row index of the first result to return, based on CurrentPageIndex and PageSize

LastDisplayedRowIndex Property

Return the index of the last item shown on the current page.

PageControlNumbers Property

Returns a list of pages to display in a paging control.
The paging control only displays a limited number of buttons for paging. This function executes logic to include a first page and last page control, in addition to 5 pages centered on the currently selected page, unless the currently selected page is less than 3, in which case it shows the first five pages, or the currently selected page is greater than total pages minus 3, in which case the last five pages are shown.