Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Search.SearchQuery Class

Namespace: Nucleus.Abstractions.Search
Assembly: Nucleus.Abstractions.dll
Specifies search query parameters.


Site Property

Specifies the site to show results for.

Roles Property

Specifies the roles that the current user belongs to.
This value is used to filter the results so that only results which the user can view are shown.

SearchTerm Property

Specifies the search term to search for.

StrictSearchTerms Property

Specifies whether all search terms must be present in each result (true), or whether any search terms must be present (false).

IncludedScopes Property

Specifies scopes to include.

ExcludedScopes Property

Specifies scopes to include.
Search meta-data producers set the scope for their search content items, and the search index scope indicates the content source, for example the scope for a nucleus page is urn:nucleus:entities:page

PagingSettings Property

Specifies which page of search results to return.

Boost Property

Specifies query boost settings.
Boost settings are used to prioritize field content in search results. Search providers which do not implement search-time boost can ignore these settings. The default boost for all fields is 1.