Nucleus .Net Core CMS

TagHelpers.SettingsControlTagHelper Class

Namespace: Nucleus.ViewFeatures.TagHelpers
Assembly: Nucleus.ViewFeatures.dll
Renders a settings control.


A settings control supplements inner content with a <div> wrapper which has a class of 'settings-control'. The DIV contains a LABEL which contains a SPAN with the specified caption and help text (title attribute). The SettingsControl is used by the administrative user interface but can be used by extensions/modules to render input controls with labels and inputs aligned on-screen.


RenderMode Property

Specifies whether to render the label before or after the control content.

Caption Property

Label text.

HelpText Property

Help text.


ProcessAsync (TagHelperContext,TagHelperOutput) Method

ProcessAsync (TagHelperContext context, TagHelperOutput output)
Generate the output.