Nucleus .Net Core CMS: Web application framework and content management system for .Net Core

Nucleus is an open-source .NET Core/MVC-based web application framework and content management system. Use Nucleus for your site or web application to take advantage of built-in and third party extensions, with the flexibility to extend the system by creating new layouts, modules, web applications and other components. Downloads

Dynamic Page and Content Management: Create and maintain page meta-data and permissions. Use the Text/Html, Static Content, Multi-Content, Documents, LinksMedia and other modules to create and manage page content.

Layouts and Containers: Layouts and containers control the visual presentation of module on a page. Layouts combine Razor, HTML and CSS. Bootstrap and Nucleus built-in CSS classes are always available for use.

Search: The search system is built to support a variety of search services. The search module, indexing components and components which provide search results are separate, and developers can implement support for different search services. Extensions can implement content meta-data providers to supply information to the Nucleus search system, which populates search indexes by calling one or more installed search index providers. The search module queries your installed search content providers and displays search results. A meta-data provider (to supply content to a search engine) for page content and files is built in. A search provider and index manager for Elastic Search versions 7 and 8 is available.

File Systems: Nucleus includes built-in support for files stored in the local file system, and a free extension is available which provides support for Microsoft Azure Storage.

Users and Roles: Manage security roles, role groups, users and their user role assignments. Site administrators can add or remove custom user profile properties, and control whether users can sign up to the site, or whether the site is private. You can also use the OAuth client to provide single signon from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft or other OAuth identity providers.

Email Notifications: Nucleus has support for email notifications, which are based on templates which use a simple template syntax to access data, or the Razor language for more complex logic, or a combination of both. Templates are managed in the Mail Templates editor.

Task Scheduler: Scheduled tasks are used to periodically perform system management. Nucleus Extensions can implement their own scheduled tasks.