Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Models.ModuleDefinition Class

Namespace: Nucleus.Abstractions.Models
Assembly: Nucleus.Abstractions.dll
Represents an installed module.


Id Property

Unique record identifier.
The Id of a module definition is generated by the container's developer and is included in the extension manifest file used to install it.

FriendlyName Property

Friendly name for the module definition, used for on-screen display in the administrative interface.

ClassTypeName Property

Assembly-qualified class name for the module's Controller class. The Controller class must inherit Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Controller

Extension Property

Name of the extension that the module belongs to.

ViewController Property

Controller name for the view action.

SettingsController Property

Controller name for the Edit (settings) action.
This value is optional. If it is not set, the ViewController will be used instead.

ViewAction Property

The Action name for the default "View" of the module.

EditAction Property

The Action name for the default "Editor" for the module.

Categories Property

A comma-separated list of module categories.
Module definitions are grouped by category when selecting the module type when creating a module.


Equals (Object) Method

Equals (Object other)
Determines whether two instances are equal by comparing their Ids.
Name Type
other Object


GetHashCode ()
Executes the default hash function.
A hash code for the current object.
This implementation exists to prevent a CS0659 compiler warning