Nucleus .Net Core CMS


Lists are a general-purpose set of names and values. Modules use lists instead of having their own management user interface and database entities for simple name/value collections. For example the documents and publish modules use lists for document/article categories, and the forums module uses lists for forum post status.

To manage lists, after logging in as a system administrator or site administrator, click the Manage button to display the Management control panel, then click Lists.


Name A name for your list. This is used in the control panel and in module settings pages to select a list.
Description A list description can help you to remember the purpose of a list. Descriptions aren't displayed anywhere except in the list editor.

List Items

List items consist of names and values.

Name The list item name. This is generally displayed on-screen by modules which allow users or administrators to select values from a drop-down list.
Value The purpose of list item values is defined by modules which use the list. You can use the same text for the name and value if the module using it doesn't have a special purpose for list item values. By default, list items are sorted by value, but modules may apply their own sorting.