Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Content Modules

  1. Text/Html
    The Text/HTML module renders HTML or text content.
  2. Static Content
    The Static Content module displays static content files inline in markdown, html or text file format.
  3. Documents
    The documents module lists specified documents in a table or tile layout with optional sorting, categories and control over meta-data display.
  4. Links
    The links module displays a lists of links to specified pages, files or Urls.
  5. Multi-Content
    The multi-content module displays content in an accordion, tab, pills, carousel or alert layout.
  6. Media
    The media module adds a video, image or PDF document to a page.

Utility Modules

  1. Error Report
    The error report module displays error details.
  2. Search
    The search module lists provides a user interface for searching your site.
  3. Site Map
    The site map module displays a list of pages within your site. It can be used as a full site map for users, as a side-menu or on a landing page where it provides a summary of child pages with links.
  4. Accept Terms
    The Accept Terms module displays a pop-up dialog to display terms, with an Accept and Cancel button.


  1. Forums
    The forums module is a message board which allows your user community to participate in discussions, post questions and answers.
  2. Publish
    Use the publish module to publish news, blogs and other content.