Nucleus .Net Core CMS

EventHandlers.ISystemEventHandler<TModel, TEvent> Interface

Namespace: Nucleus.Abstractions.EventHandlers
Assembly: Nucleus.Abstractions.dll
System event handler abstract class. Event handlers implement this class, and are added to the dependency injection services collection with a call to AddTransient.
Type Parameters
TModel The type of the data item which the event is for. This can be any type and is the object type which is passed to the Invoke method.
TEvent The type of the event. This can be any class. The TEvent class is used to couple the subscription and ISystemEventHandler implementation to a specific type of event. The TEvent type does not require any particular implementation, it is used as a marker.


This is the base interface for EventHandlers.IScopedSystemEventHandler<TModel, TEvent> and EventHandlers.ISingletonSystemEventHandler<TModel, TEvent>. You should implement one of those interfaces rather than this interface.


Invoke (<TModel>) Method

Invoke (<TModel> item)
Raise an event
Name Type
item <TModel>