Nucleus .Net Core CMS

ViewModels.FileSelector Class

Namespace: Nucleus.ViewFeatures.ViewModels
Assembly: Nucleus.ViewFeatures.dll
View model for the FileSelector control.


AreaName Property

Area name

ControllerName Property

Controller name

ExtensionName Property

Extension name

ShowSelectAnother Property

Set to false to suppress the "Select Another" button.

NoFilesMessage Property

Specifies the value added to the files list when there are no matching files to select.

ShowImagePreview Property

Specifies whether to display a preview for image files.

SelectAnotherActionName Property

Name of the action to execute when the user clicks "select another file"

PropertyName Property

Property name for the selected file in the caller's view model.
The specified property should be of type Models.FileSystem.File

Providers Property

List of available file providers

SelectedFolder Property

Selected Folder

SelectedFile Property

Selected File