Nucleus .Net Core CMS

DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> Class

Namespace: Nucleus.Data.Common
Assembly: Nucleus.Data.Common.dll
Typed DataProviderMigration. This class is used to add typed instances of DataProviderMigration to the dependency injection container.
Type Parameters
TDataProvider Data provider class.


Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> Constructor

Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> (System.String[])
Default constructor.
This constructor sets the schema name, embedded script namespace and scripts assembly using conventions. The schema name is derived from the specified TDataProvider namespace: It is set to the part of the namespace before ".DataProvider". The script namespaces list is set to the specified TDataProvider namespace with the specified by scriptFolderNames appended, followed by /Scripts. The scripts assembly is set to the assembly which contains the TDataProvider class.

Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> Constructor

Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> (String schemaName, String[] absoluteSchemaScriptsNamespaces, Assembly schemaScriptsAssembly)
Constructor which allows the caller to specify the source of schema files.
Name Type
schemaName String

Database provider schema name that this class migrates database objects for.

absoluteSchemaScriptsNamespaces String[]

Fully-qualified namespace for embedded schema files, including the /Scripts folder.

schemaScriptsAssembly System.Reflection.Assembly

Assembly to retrieve embedded schemas from.