Nucleus .Net Core CMS

DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> Class

Namespace: Nucleus.Data.Common
Assembly: Nucleus.Data.Common.dll
Typed DataProviderMigration. This class is used to add typed instances of DataProviderMigration to the dependency injection container.
Type Parameters
TDataProvider Data provider class.


Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> Constructor

Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> (System.String[])
Default constructor.
This constructor sets the schema name, embedded script namespace and scripts assembly using conventions. The schema name is derived from the specified TDataProvider namespace: It is set to the part of the namespace before ".DataProvider". The script namespaces list is set to the specified TDataProvider namespace with the specified by scriptFolderNames appended, followed by /Scripts. The scripts assembly is set to the assembly which contains the TDataProvider class.

Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> Constructor

Nucleus.Data.Common.DataProviderMigration<TDataProvider> (String[] absoluteSchemaScriptsNamespaces, Assembly schemaScriptsAssembly)
Constructor which allows the caller to specify the source of schema files.
Name Type
absoluteSchemaScriptsNamespaces String[]

Fully-qualified namespace for embedded schema files, including the /Scripts folder.

schemaScriptsAssembly System.Reflection.Assembly

Assembly to retrieve embedded schemas from.