Nucleus .Net Core CMS: Web application framework and content management system for .Net Core

Hosting in Linux

NOTE: We have done some testing with Nucleus hosted in Linux, but this work is not complete. This documentation page is also not complete. If you are an experienced Linux user, and disagree with any of the recommendations below, you can adjust Nucleus settings to suit your environment.

  1. Refer to the Microsoft documentation for instructions on installing .NET core in your Linux environment.

  2. Install Nucleus. Depending on which Linux distribution you are using, the installation folder may vary. Un-zip the install set and upload to your installation folder. You may need to set up an Ftp service in order to do this.

  3. Install and configure Apache server, or Nginx.

    Host ASP.NET Core on Linux with Nginx
    Host ASP.NET Core on Linux with Apache.

  4. Configure Nucleus. In your installation folder create a new application configuration file. If you are setting up a production environment, the file should be named appSettings.Production.json. If you are setting up a development environment, name your file appSettings.Development.json. The file may already exist - if it does, edit the existing file.

  5. Edit your configuration file and add the following: If the Nucleus section already exists, add or edit the existing section:

      "$schema": "./nucleus.schema.json",
      "Nucleus": {
        "FolderOptions": {
         "DataFolder": "/home/nucleus/data"

Modify the DataFolder setting as required. This folder is where logs, temporary files and (if you are using Sqlite) the database resides. You should not set the data folder to the same folder as the install folder, or to a subdirectory of the install folder. The folder must allow the application full permissions.