Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Learn about Nucleus setup and administration.

  1. Getting Started
    Learn how to install Nucleus in Windows, Azure App Portal or Linux, and how to select your database provider and file system providers.
  2. Configuration Files
    About Nucleus configuration files.
  3. Site Settings
    Manage site settings, including logos, layout settings, aliases, user profile properties, email settings and email templates.
  4. Task Scheduler
    Scheduled tasks perform their work periodically and are generally used to perform system maintenance, like expiring cache entries or updating a search index.
  5. System Administrators
    Create and manage system administrator accounts.
  6. Roles
    Create and manage security roles.
  7. Users
    Create and manage site user accounts.
  8. Lists
  9. Install Extensions
    Extensions can add new layouts, modules, file system providers, scheduled tasks, and other components. Learn how to install them.
  10. System Status
    View environment and status information.
  11. Mail Templates
    Documentation on how to create mail templates, which are used by the system to generate email messages.
  12. Search Settings
    Manage search settings used by the search indexing system.
  13. Api Keys
    Manage Api Keys, which are used by applications when sending requests to Nucleus.