Nucleus .Net Core CMS

TagHelpers.SuppressEmptyTagHelper Class

Namespace: Nucleus.ViewFeatures.TagHelpers
Assembly: Nucleus.ViewFeatures.dll
Prevent rendering of the element when it has no content.


The purpose of this tag helper is for Nucleus layouts. Some layouts have many Panes which present content in various ways, of which only a few are used on any given page. By adding a suppress-empty="true" attribute to the element which wraps the Pane, the element can be completely suppressed when not in use. This tag helper operates on any HTML element with a suppress-empty attribute with a value of true. The tag helper does not suppress empty panes if the user is in edit mode. This is so that empty containers are available as drop targets for the inline drag/drop "move module" functionality.


<div class="GridPane" suppress-empty="true"></div>


ViewContext Property

Provides access to view context.

SuppressEmpty Property

Specifies whether to suppress an empty element.


ProcessAsync (TagHelperContext,TagHelperOutput) Method

ProcessAsync (TagHelperContext context, TagHelperOutput output)