Nucleus .Net Core CMS

PageExtensions Class

Namespace: Nucleus.Extensions
Assembly: Nucleus.Extensions.dll
Extension functions for Models.Page.


DefaultPageRoute (Page) Method

DefaultPageRoute (Page page)
Return the default page route, or if none are specified, the first route.
Name Type
page Nucleus.Abstractions.Models.Page

LayoutPath (Page,Site) Method

LayoutPath (Page page, Site site)
Return the layout path (relative path) for a page, defaulting to site settings as necessary.

InsertDefaultListItem (IList<LayoutDefinition>) Method

InsertDefaultListItem (IList<LayoutDefinition> list)
Insert a "default" layout selection.
Name Type
list System.Collections.Generic.IList<Nucleus.Abstractions.Models.LayoutDefinition>

InsertDefaultListItem (ContainerDefinition}) Method

InsertDefaultListItem (System.Collections.Generic.IList{Nucleus.Abstractions.Models.ContainerDefinition})
Insert a "default" layout selection.