Nucleus .Net Core CMS

Nucleus is now available

Version includes administration user interface enhancements, a change to the file system provider interfaces to support the Amazon S3 file system provider, Linux support and other enhancements and bug fixes in the core, and in core modules.

Nucleus CMS version is now available

Inventua is pleased to announce that version of Nucleus CMS is now available. Nucleus CMS is an open-source .NET Core/MVC-based web application framework and content management system.

Use Nucleus for your site or web application to take advantage of built-in and third party extensions, and extend the system by creating new layouts, modules, web applications and other components. Nucleus CMS includes content modules (Text/Html, Static Content, Documents, Links, Multi-Content, Media and Publish), optional extensions (Elastic Search, Azure Blob Storage, Google Analytics and OAuth client) as well as navigation and utility modules.

Optional and third-party extensions are installed by end users from within a web browser, with no special skills or software tools required, and do not require that Nucleus be re-compiled.

Download and try it for yourself today:

Getting Started
Developer Documentation

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